Picture of Veronica Hanus


Veronica came to software engineering from the earth sciences, where she has experience in both academic and industry research. There she got her first taste of object-oriented programming. She’s worked in a geochemistry and paleomagnetism lab and contributed to landing-site selection for the Mars Curiosity Rover. After all this, she started working on Python full-time, recently devoting three months to a deep dive into learning Python and programming principles at the Recurse Center.

One day, she hopes to squeeze as much information out of large datasets as she learned to squeeze out of rocks. Meanwhile, she is working on making the best personal website ever from the ground up and building a web app in Flask. You should check out her (rather addictive) terminal games and Friendly Terminal tool.

Interests: backpacking, climbing, biking, piloting planes, science outreach, and finding new and unusual ingredients to put on pizza